Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Exercise and fun at Telok Chempedak

18 September 2009 (Friday )
As a variation of athlectic training programme and a reward for my athletes who had been training ernestly for the past 3 weeks since the month of Ramadan(fasting month ), I decided to let the boys to have some fun at the beach. It was also a continuity of the last Saturday's(12.9.09 ) trekking up Bukit Perlindung. Furthermore, the sudden announcement of the public holiday on Friday was a great boon to all of us and this trip was an impromptu event.
I fetched Saran and Vijay while the others made their way to the bridge at Telok Chempedak by 7.30 am. and were eagerly waiting for me. The 8 boys (Saran, Kesav, Kumaravel,Dineel, Divan,Vimal, Sree and Vijay ) wasted no time and hurried to our picnic spot at Telok Tongkang. I brought along a tent, a large and small ground mat and a 5 litre water bottle. The rest of the students brought food from home- sandwich, fried mee, nuggets, sausages, fried keowtow, Sarsi syrup and other tit-bit.
The first activity after a simple warm up was a 30 minutes jog through the jungle to the next beach till they reached Genting Rest House and back. After covering our food from the notorious monkeys of Telok Chempedak , the boys then eagerly took to the water . Just then , a group of 15 boys reached this part of the beach and to muy surprise, from a distance, shouts of "Good morning Sir, punctuated the scene..well..the voices and faces were familair..afterall, I had left St Thomas in 2007 when the boys were in form 1-my old students and now the boys are in form 4. They occupied another part of the beach and had their own agenda.
After swimming and splashing in the water for an hour, hunger got the better of my boys and we decided to have some food. Vimal 's sardine sandwich was soon gone and some even complained that they did not get a bite..The culprit was Saran..his seems!
Next, a short splash in the sea again before I called for the next event- a relay race-4 x 150 metres -where the boys ran around a rock and passed the baton to the next runner.Yes..I had brought batons along and Saran's team was the winner. They ran 3 times. Not satisfied, the vanquished team requested for 4 x 300 meteres race ..the results were the same..Saran's team was invincible !
Another round of swimming followed suit and a 15 metres swimming race was held. Kesav emerged the champion. The next activity was water hand-stand.." looks simple but difficult to perform", was the feedback after I performed effortlessly.."Sir..canlah." echoed some boys.. The subsequent activity was "horse fighting"..where the a boy carried a friend on the shoulders and pulled at the opponent till one of them fell into the water..Kumaravel was the champion...but still lost to the "siffu" and vijay tag team! Heard of water relay??..well, nothing is impossible ..holding batons and running in knee deep water, the boys passed the batton. After 3 runs, the defeated team asked for re-match..this time in waist deep water..and well..they got their revenge !
Another round of "makan time" and the food except some fried noodles was cleaned out. By this time my older form 4 boys approached me to keep their valuables as they wanted to do some rock climbing, promising me to be back by 2.30 pm. All are my boys okay. .and I agreed immediately. A picnic is never complete wihout " galah panjang" game , more so when one can dive and touch the opponent on the soft sandy beach. After numerous rounds, I lost count of the number, the boys decided to play kabaddi- the traditional Indian game which is now contested at the SEA games.
While still at the game, the rock climbers returned and retrieved their belongings before leaving . What I heard next, were the one of the sweetest rhymes to my ears "Sir Amba, WE LOVE YOU", as they made their way back home.
I was momentarily stunned..such nice words ..which money cannot buy !
While the kabaddi game was on-going, the raiding bunch of monkeys started raiding our foodstuff..which in a way signalled that we had over-stayed at the beach..I called the boys to call it a day as it was nearing 3.30 pm.After chasing away the monkeys, the boys pleaded for a last could i say no..but make it a short one.. While I packed up and let the monkeys eat the remaining noodles, the boys finally reluctantly came out of the water at
After packing their respective bags, I made sure they cleaned up the area and took back all the things they brought-paper bags and rubbish. After sending Saran and Vijay home, I lastly got my deserved rest at home at 4.40 pm.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nahang Waterfall, Sg. Lembing ,Kuantan

22 September 2009
Nahang waterfall is a small waterfall situated at the edge of Kampong Melayu, Sg Lembing. My good friend, Yusof's house is the landmark for MNS members to begin the 45 minutes trek after crossing Sg. Kenau (waist deep water whose depth varies from time to time) and then along the adjoining stream leading to the waterfall.
The pebble and rock strewn slippery stream is a real challege to trekkers and virtually nobody makes it to the waterfall without slipping at least once.(I had quite a nasty fall myself)
By 7.10 am, Saran was sitting on the bench opposite my house. I took him to Jaya Restaurant for breakfast as we were early . Kumar arrived to pick us at 8.15a.m and then we headed to the Murugan Temple where the rest of my boys (Kumaravel, Kesav, Sree,Vimal and Divan) were waiting with MNS member Ho Chin Leong.
We left for the 45 minutes drive to Sg. Lembing in two cars and upon reaching , headed to have coffee at our regular corner at the famous Sg. Lembing eatery which is always packed every morning.
After crossing Sg. Kenau, we started our journey at 9.50 am and the last trudgers reached the mini waterfall at 10.40 a.m after many slips here and there.
The boys immediately got into 'action' and soon their excited voices pierced the stillness of the morning. As we were the only picnickers, so we had the waterfall to ourselves. While Ho and Kumar admired the surrounding, I joined the boys and soon became one of them.(well. that is the secret to my youthful enthusiasm)
I organized contests , one of which was who could remain submerged the longest- Vimal emerged the champion and tag team event was won by Vimal and Saran. However, the tag team , submerging in relay tandem lost to ..well you guessed !..the old 'siffu'
After a nice simple meal of sardine curry with rice and bread, Ho and Kumar took charge of the pool and Ho was having a gala time with the cool natural jacuzzi till my boys cried out that his back had turned red.. later, the boys tried to catch some fish and Kesav was the fisherman of the day.
As it was running late. I had to call it a day and the boys..reluctantly packed up and cleaned up the area. The return journey was not without drama as there were more slips and moans form the boys. Playing the role of the sweeper, we finally joined Sg Kenau at 2.45 pm. Then the boys had another dip along Sg. Kenau when they saw some frolicsome kampong boys there.
Finally, after getting to our cars and a quick change of dry clothes, we headed to to the heritage town for some noodles-thanks to the generosity of Kumar. My boys thank you from the depth of their hearts, Kumar !
We reached Kuantan at 4.30 pm and I finally ended the trip by sending Saran back home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trekking up Bukit Pelindung -Lim's NewTrail

Arrangements were made a day before, that is during Hari Raya to try Lim's new trail -3 stooges..Amba, Ho Chin Leong and Kumar. As Such, I thought that my boys-my athlectic team of 13 and 14 years old should join me as they have not been training for 3 days- The last was the beach outing at Telok Tongkang (7.30 to 4.30 pm )
The response from my boys was as expected-overwhelming YES..My boys always look forward to joining me on outdoor trips. As for me, this is a time for me to forge a closer rapport with my athletes to inculcate positive values to spur them to do better in sports and STUDIES. In the jungle, I try to instill in them the love for nature- future MNS members in the making. Once they are with me, they are children and I will take precautions as I would to my own kids.
The boys agreed to gather by the bridge at Telok Chempedak by 7.30 except for Saran who had no transport and I had to fetch him..well not all the way. He ran from IKIP to telok Chempedak in 15 minutes while I followed in my motor bike.
When we reached the beach, Kumar and Ho were not to be seen but my boys were all there. After some futile attempts to contact Ho, We finally left at 8.10 am . As I had only used this trail once, , we lost our way but managed to join the trail again after almost leaving out one-third of the trail, Yes, we short cut (unintentionally ..ok )so, we missed the mini-waterfall .
We finally reached the Telecom Tower at 10.05 am while Kumar and Ho joined us at 10.30 am. They then continued thier journey back to the beach while I had other plans for my boys.
I had two "Raja Bukit " contest. From the saddle to RTM tower and the other to Telecom Tower, Well, as expected, Saran claimed both titles-afterall, he is the best 10km runner in Kuantan at age 14. (winner of Kuantan DIGI 10km run 2009 )
After a short eating session-mostly Tosai-thanks to Kumarendren, we headed to to the beach. Half way down, I suggested we take the off road mountain bike trail which proved to be quite challenging on foot alone-what more on a bike!. We finally reached the beach at 11.40 am
While Saran and I headed back, the rest joined Kesav's mother for a picnic. The way home was another training session for Saran as he started jogging from Telok Chempedak to SK assunta..then lifted him to the junction at Beserah / Semambu. Then he jogged all the the way back home. After a drink with him, it was bye-bye. Last reminder- be at my house before 8.00 am for the trip to a waterfall in Sg. Lembing the next day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hari Raya Puasa 2009

Hari Raya this year has been a rather subdued affair..Morning breakfast at Gee's house at 11.30 and stayed back to meet friends streaming in..time to meet old MNS members. The list is a long one-Ray, Beth, Ho, Margy, Eswin, Jean, Mala, Stefanie, Tan, Leong, Ean Su,and many others till 4.30 pm..Main menu was satay, nasi dagang, rendang ayam etc.
Next was the trip to Madam Janet's high tea- another round with other MNS members like Kumar, Miss Tan, Goh, Candima, Kelvin and others. Was at Janet's house from 5.20 to 9.45 pm. Mee Indon was the speciality with bubur Nyonya Penang, Janet's recipe.
Back home to watch an exciting last 15 minutes of Manchester United verses Manchester City. Wow, manged to see 3 goals ..well my MU won by 4 to 3 (extra time goal..thanks to Owen at 96 minute..)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tembeling Resort, Kuantan Rendezvous

19 September 2009., Saturday
Tembeling Resort in Kuantan is synonymous with the with the rich and affluent society . Thanks to my friend, Jason who has a friend in Mr. Pan who is in the tourism line, owns a unit in Tembeling Resort.
What started as a ping pong diplomacy,(Jason, Mr Pan and myself love playing ping pong ) is surely turning into one of the best thing to happen in my life! . I started by playing ping pong(one of my passionate games ) with them on Sunday (10.09.09). The last time I went to Tembeling Resort was when one of my MNS members, Mr. Ray , who is also a resident there threw a Christmas party for MNS members ...may be 3 years ago? my memory is failing me..!.
Jason and I started playing ping pong at 5.00 pm on Sunday and later Mr Pan joined us after 6.00 pm. Well. after so many years of being out of touch with ping pong , well..I lost 3-2 to Jason..well..not too bad ah?... Then Mr Pan came on..unfortunatley, he could only play a few strokes with me as he had to attend an urgent meeting his firiends.
Ya,, how did I get the bat?..Since I have been out of touch with ping pong, so I decided to borrow from my school...telling myself that I will buy one once the fire starts....and looks like I need to buy one.!
After Mr Pan left for his meeting (Jason left earlier as he had to go to temple ), I decided to test the pool after getting the green light from Mr. Pan as residents can invite friends to share the sports facilities. With 3 small pools and another larger pool with a depth of 5 feet and measures 25 metres in length.
After the Town Municipality pool being under repair..almost 2 years now, to get a chance to swim in Kuantan has become a luxury... the last time I swam was when I attended a meeting at Dhe Rhu Beach Resort early this year. Not to mention, swimming is another of my passions in life and the lure of water is ingrained within it the rivers, waterfall, sea or swimming pool! In fact , I have bestowed the title "Hantu Air ", by MNS members.
I had a great swim and what more, with only 3 persons around. I swam till a "buka Puasa " session was over and only left the pool at 7 35 pm.Wow..that was great!
My second trip to Tembeling was on Wednesday (13 .09.09 ). Played ping pong with Jason and again lost to him 2-3 and 1-3...lots of brushing up to do I guess. This time , however, I went to swim first, started at 5 pm till Jason reached at 6.30 pm. Jason, however, is not a swimmer and so far has refused to join me in the pool. I will get you one day, Jason ! On this occasion, Mr Pan could not join us as he was away in K.L.
My third trip to the pool is today- 19 September 2009. As Jason is not into swimming, I went first to the pool at 4.50 pm and Jason agreed to join me at 6.00 pm for a game of ping pong. Due to unforseen circumstanmces, he sms me that he could not come. I tried too get Mr Pan, but he too was preoccupied with work. I finally ended up with another swimming session from 6.10 pm to 7.15 pm. No regrets..the exercise is definitely woth it. I think I swam a total of 50 laps today and that has made my day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jungle trekking up Bukit Pelindung

Saturday-12 September. As part of my athlectic team's off season trainning, I gathered 9 young athletes to add variation to their routine training at Stadium Darul makmur, Kuantan.
After prior arrangements had been made, other than two students whom I fetched,the rest had arrived at the waiting point by the bridge at Telok Chempedak by 7.30 am.
After a simple warm-up session, we started off along the plank walk leading to "Telok Tongkang" Bay. The boys were in all bubbly and anticipating a new experience- jungle trekking for the first time. (Only Kumaravel had joined me in another trip a month earlier )
The first hour was easy walking as the route was mostly flat but the second part was more challenging as the climb up Pelindung began. Our route to Bukit Pelindung was via Beserah. Here, I instructed the boys to go at their own pace while I acted as the sweeper.
An interesting incident occurred half way up the hill as the first group encountered a huge wild boar- the boys panicked and bolted down to get me. Well. you cannot blame 13 and 14 year old students..
After we reached the Telecom Tower, we headed to the RTM tower, where the second high-light of the trip was to uncover. Before this, however, I held a simple "Raja Bukit run from the saddle point to the RTM gate. Tersame Singh emerged the champion. Next, it was simple detour of RTM fence to the watch tower, or rather platform. For the first time, the boys got a bird's eye view of the majestic Kuantan Town. There was clearly an air of excitement in the air as the boys became excited while I pointed out some of the land marks of Kuantan Town.
After a simple breakfast of fried noodles -thanks to Kesav's mother, we headed down to Telok Chempedak via the "denai " trail. As we approached the sea, the front liners increased their paces and finally everyone was at the bridge by 11.45 am.
As I had important task, I left thereafter while the boys had a dip in the sea under the watchful eyes of Kesav's mother. I understood the the boys finally went back at 2 pm.